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Martin Manser: 1001 Words You Need to Know and Use - An A-z of Effective Vocabulary

Martin Manser: 1001 Words You Need to Know and Use - An A-z of Effective Vocabulary
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This informative and helpful guide will teach you the meaning and usage of 1001 words that you really do need to know. Whether you need guidance for a letter, job application, essay, proposal, interview, or presentation, this book can help you choose the words you need to create
the right effect.
1001 Words You Need to Know and Use is organized alphabetically, to help readers quickly find the word they need, and features a clear, easy-to-read design with an attractive two-color text. Each word is defined according to Oxford Dictionaries' latest research and includes sample sentences of real usage drawn from the Oxford English Corpus (the world's largest language databank, with more than two billion words). In addition, many entries include usage notes and word families, showing how related words can be used, with examples of pitfalls to avoid or hints on similar words. For instance, the entry for the verb mediate also highlights the different meanings of the related nouns mediator and intermediary. In addition, there is a subject index for quick help on key areas such as application letters, catching attention, writing reports and essays, and advice on how to express yourself persuasively.
Learn the words that will help you to describe an event, discuss a topic, speak in an interview, evaluate a point of view, and write more clearly. A gold mine of practical guidance, this valuable language tool contains essential information for anyone wanting to achieve greater success in any written or spoken task.

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