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New Headway Advanced 4E Student's Book and Itutor Pack (9780194713535)

New Headway Advanced 4E Student's Book and Itutor Pack (9780194713535)

New Headway Advanced 4E Student's Book and Itutor Pack (9780194713535)

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Oxford University Press
560 g/db

New Headway 4. kiadás advanced felsőfokú (C1) tankönyv + online feladatokkal. Színe: zöld.

*New and updated texts and topics
*Integrated skills syllabus with a clear grammar focus
*iTools - an all-in-one teaching resource for the interactive classroom
*iTutor and iChecker - interactive self-study discs that come with the Student's Book and the Workbook
*Full teacher support - resources, photocopiables, tests and more - online and in print
*Brand new video content, available for students on iTutor with interactive exercises

With the Fourth edition of the best-selling course book you can now experience the trusted Headway methodology using the latest in classroom technology:

iTools bring the Fourth edition Student's Book and Workbook alive on the classroom wall, complete with interactive exercises, audio, video, and other teaching resources. The built-in tools like zoom, highlight and screen shade give you and your students
a truly interactive teaching and learning experience. iTools also includes customizable flipcharts, wordlists and grammar reference to help you make the most of your Headway lessons.

iTutor is the digital companion to the Student's Book that allows students to revise, review and improve their English outside the classroom. To read more about iTutor and how it encourages learner autonomy, see the iTutor tab.

iChecker is a new digital resource, available to students with the Workbook. It contains all Workbook audio and practice tests to help students identify areas where they need more study. To learn more, see the iChecker tab.

Headway iTools gives you complete flexibility when you want digital resources for the interactive classroom.
*Complete Student's Book plus audio and answer keys.
*Complete Workbook plus audio and answer keys.
*Brand-new documentary-style video with class worksheets.
*Customizable Grammar PowerPointR presentations.
*Built-in tools personalize interactive lessons

A new digital companion to the Student's Book that helps your students revise and review classroom material and improve all four skills and practice their grammar and vocabulary in the comfort of their home.
*Choose to practice by Skill or by Unit
*Interactive reading, listening and writing practice with instant feedback on answers
*Grammar Tutor with audio explanations to cater for different learning styles
*Brand new video material with interactive exercises
*Selected Student's Book audio with interactive exercises

A new digital companion to the Workbook that helps students assess their knowledge and check their progress.

Oxford Online Skills Program provides support and development of all four language skills, providing effective practice framed within common and accessible themes and topics, mapped to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
*Step-by-step student support - Each learning module follows an Engage-Explore-Task-Reflect activity sequence to ensure that students practise and learn effectively on their own.
* Aligned to the CEFR - Give your students practice at the level that's right for them, with self-check 'Can-do' statements at the end of each module.
*Media-rich - Motivate your students with compelling visual content including videos, interactive info-graphics and striking photography on culturally diverse topics.
*Flexible - Reorder content and decide how and when you want to assign homework: ideal for differentiated learning.
*Adaptable - Create your own new content to meet the needs of your students, including your own speaking and writing tasks, tests, discussions and live chat, and uploading videos, audio, or PowerPoint presentations.
*Measurable - Monitor your students' progress with a wide range of management tools.
*The access code for Online Skills is in the Student's Book.

Listen to all Workbook audio on your computer or MP3 player
Practice your grammar, vocabulary and Everyday English with a multiple choice test at the end of each unit
Test your exam skills on oxfordenglishtesting.com with your built-in free access code to a sample exam

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