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Oxford American Dictionary for learners of English (with CD-ROM)
Oxford American Dictionary for learners of English (with CD-ROM)

Understand What Words Mean
-42000 words, phrases, and meanings
-35000 examples show ow words are used
-650 color ilusztrations
-45 reference pages on irregular verbs, punctuation, and more

Build Your Vocabulary and Achieve Academic Success
-Focus on the most important words to know with the Oxford 3000
-Learn words from the Academic Word List
-Improve your writing skill with the 16-page Oxford Writing Tutor
-Develop content area vocabulary in math, science, social studies, and more
-Expand your knowledge of synonyms, antonyms, words that go together, and using academic vocabulary

Develop Your Language Skills with the CD-ROM
-Improve your writing skills with the Oxford iWriter
-Search the A-Z dictionary
-Listen to words and record your pronunciation
-Focus on content area vocabulary
-Make your own word lists

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