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Solutions 2Nd Ed. Elementary Itools Dvd-Rom
Solutions 2Nd Ed. Elementary Itools Dvd-Rom

Activating all your learners - A jónál is lehet jobb - a sikeres középiskolai tankönyvsorozat megújult, és fokozatosan felváltja a sorozat első kiadását.

Solutions Second Edition iTools uses the latest Interactive Whiteboard software to accompany the course, but can also be used with a laptop and projector combination.

 Page-on-screen format with all course content integrated (Student's Book and Workbook pages with pop-up answer keys, audio and video)
 Extra interactive exercise or video clip and worksheet for every lesson (including documentary-style clips, vox-pops and functional dialogue recordings)
 Links to Grammar Reference pages, functions bank and writing bank pages at the back of the Student's Book and Workbook
 Built-in teaching tools, such as zoom, draw and highlight, and space to make notes and create personalized material

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