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Oxford Collocations Dictionary for students of English (with CD-ROM)
Oxford Collocations Dictionary for students of English (with CD-ROM)

The Oxford Collocations Dictionary shows you which words work together. Now in a new edition with CD-ROM and more collocations, this bestselling dictionary helps you express your ideas naturally and convincingly.
Some word combinations are more frequent than others. With this dictionary you can study the collocations you need to know.

Get more from the Oxford Collocations Dictionary
- 250,000 word combinations
- Collocations for 9,000 nouns, verbs and adjectives
- 75,000 examples showing how collocations are used
- 25 usage notes on collocations shared by words such as seasons, currencies and languages
- 16-page photocopiable study section

12 400 Ft
Akció: 10 540 Ft
Kezdete: 2017.02.12
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